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Four Back

I’m 4 behind so I am going to just write. I haven’t come to the part where I feel better. What I want – to get to the part where this feels better. I’m not there yet. I wish I could write that I was. Not there yet. Maybe if I wrote more than enough words this would feel better. If this were a voyage. Let’s say voyage. This would be the part where the person sat in the back, listening to something.

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Third One

This is where I could be warmed up. All of these cold days leading up to this. I look at the clock and try to speed things up. Seven posts today. More or less.

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I missed one. So what. 365 is not about numbers, it’s about trajectory. So, I’m just going to write. Yesterday was cold. It’s getting warmer. I want soup. And for Christmas to come back. I miss Christmas.

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More or Less

It took a lot just to get here –
I took a walk today. Mused about more pedestrian friendly pathways, more places to get across traffic, more courtesy. More tea with honey for my cold. I would like less —
what would I like less of? You know I can’t think of the things I was thinking about before. I was cranky on my way there, less so when I came back. More pathways for pedestrians, I thought. It was profound at the time, not so much now. I’m peaceful and sort of content as I write this. It must be the honey.

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