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Post Seven

I wish I could just write, write and not assess so quickly. It’s so harsh to the writer in me. I may not even keep any of these words but they got me here. Trust. I wrote trust. Well, that’s it then. Post seven. Done.



Must be warmed up by now. Not true. I want to get this post completed so that I can get on to post 7. You know, I have a sarcastic writer in me that just wants to make fun. It’s true.


To Do

I am leaning over trying to get these done before I run out. My hot drink is getting cold as I try to take four minutes to write these. This will have “to do.”

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Missed quite a few. Today is marathon post day. If I can get it together with everything else I am supposed to do. To do’s are like that aren’t they. Huge lists, ironically or not, quite the un-doing. If you ask me.

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Word Hearse

16 degrees, as I write this. Wrote word hearse- meant to write word or phrase. I don’t feel like writing. I really don’t.
Mind feels closed up frozen like a winter lake. Nothing comes. I want to be warmed up.

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Evening Post

I don’t know what to write. I’m exhausted. My focuser needs to play, or a nap. I want more naps.

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Morning Post

This is my morning post, like the mail, which I like to receive. It’s supposed to be a nice day today. I hope I get to enjoy it.


Time to Write

I looked at the clock. My time to write. What is the topic—
Does it really matter what I write about? If I get caught up on that I will never do it. Any topic is worthy if I focus there. I want to take these few minutes and just focus on the words and how this feels. I had an O.K. day today. Actually, I had a great lunch. Yeah, I had a great lunch. Even had leftovers. The weather was warmer. I am so thankful! Hallelujah!! Just a bit more. Don’t finish. I want more time. Just to write.

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Writing To Do

I looked at my list, put a check mark by each thing. Yes, yes, yes, yes, have that, received this, and then saw crackers. Still need those. Soup. Still need that. Oh, and writing. Yes that too. So here I am, writing more. Just to practice, writing a little more each time.

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